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Andy Wirth Halts Plan To Incoporate Olympic Valley

The North Shore community adjacent to Lake Tahoe has had a rough go of it over the past couple of years. First, they were hit with a drought that made the ski season a bust then a nasty incorporation fight caused a great deal of tension and bad feelings.

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings CEO Andy Wirth says relief is on the way concerning both issues. Recent weather forcasts call for an excellent snow season. That is good news for businesses that took a serious financial hit during the drought. The faction that was intent on incorporating the area has also backed off. For unknown reasons they withdrew their bid. Wirth says this is great news.

“We always felt that incorporation was bad for the community and bad for business in general,” said Wirth. Higher taxes and less service is what Wirth says he was concerned with.

Early storms are on the horizon and snow promises to be plentiful. This will also allow ski resorts to open early. Now all businesses will be able to recoup some money they lost during the ski season. Wirth’s Squaw Valley Resort is in the middle of an expansion. They are working on building a gondola to connect it with Alpine Valley.

Andy Wirth was appointed CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings in 2010. He has continue to make significant improvements to property one of the best in the world.

Wirth sits on a number of area boards and was recently named Chairman of the Reno Airport Board. Wirth says he is excited about the position. He will use his vast experience to bring on additional flights to the area. Those enhancements will help attract more people to the gaming, business and ski industry.

“We are glad to have someone like Andy to join our board. He is a great colleague and someone who cares deeply about the community,” said a board spokesperson.

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