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Fabletics Gives People the Clothes They Need

Until Fabletics made their way into the fashion industry, there were not any companies that provided athleisurewear only to their customers. There were some other companies that were doing things that offered these options, but they were not exclusive. Fabletics wanted to be the first one to do this and that was just one of many ways they are different from other companies. They have always wanted to make sure they are doing their best to give customers something different and that’s their way of providing people with everything they can use. They have always tried to cater to their customers. The biggest part of their business is making sure customers are taken care of and they are getting the options they need so they don’t have to worry about what they are doing or where they are going with those issues.


By looking at these opportunities, Fabletics has made sure their customers are taken care of. They have always wanted them to realize they can do their best and they can experience more positive outcomes from what they have to offer. It all goes back to the industry standards and to the things they are capable of making happen no matter what issues they are fighting or what they are doing with these issues.


For Fabletics to do this, they had to make sure they were using their experiences in a positive way. They also had to make sure people knew things would get better no matter what. As long as they were giving attention to the issues that most people faced, Fabletics was able to keep doing their job successfully. They had wanted to make things easier for people for a long time and all of that went back to the business model they had created.


The first thing people are required to do when they sign up for a Fabletics account is take the Lifestyle Quiz. The stylists who work for the company will then be able to tell what people are looking for and what they can do to make sure they are doing their best with the clothes. The stylists will then talk about the different options each client has and they’ll put that into a reverse showroom. Since there are only a few things for the client to choose from, it will make it easier for them to choose the right outfit that will suit their needs.

Prestigious Sale & Customer Service Award Is Won By Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a company that provides services and products to the law enforcement and correctional facilities across the U.S. and Canada. On March 8, 2017, the company announced that they were they were the winner of the Gold Stevie Award in the category of Best Customer Service Training Department. The Stevie Awards are the top honor in the world for sales professionals, business development, customer service, and contact centers and were given out at a banquet on February 24th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

More than 2,300 nominations from companies around the world compete for the Stevie Awards. To win in the customer service category there are 61 categories that independent judges use to determine the finalists for each award. Once the finalists are revealed a group of 75 members of judging committees make the final determination for which company wins the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Awards for each category.

The Senior Vice President of Operations of Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos, accepted the award. In his statement accepting the award he said that he was pleased that the efforts the company has made in customer service were recognized by the judging panel. He went on to say that the training team focused on customer service personnel emphasizing with their customers and resolving their issue on the first phone call. The customers that are calling in are the family and friends of inmates that use Securus Technologies services in order to contact their loved ones who are incarcerated in a correctional facility.

The Founder and President of the Stevie Awards, Michael Gallagher, said that the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer service is a very competitive field. He said this reflected the importance that customer service plays in successful companies.




Securus Technologies Is Connecting Inmates With The Outside World Through Innovative Technologies

Securus Technologies is a privately owned telecommunication firm based in Dallas, Texas. The firm offers phone and video visitation services to inmates. By all accounts, the company provides a platform through which people can communicate with their loved ones in different correctional facilities across the country. In order to achieve its goals in a more convenient and cost effective manner, the company has effected its Inmate Forms and Grievance application through the ConnectUs platform. I believe that this service alone epitomizes how the firm is dedicated to offer its clients with cutting-edge and most effective technologies. The technology is expected to eliminate the use of paper, thus enabling the correctional department to save enormous amounts of money and time. In addition, i think that the technology ensures that correctional facilities have control of the content that inmates can access. Securus communication platform has more than 1.2 million inmates across the country. They are confined in more than 2,200 facilities. This information was originally mentioned on PRNewswire.

About Securus Technologies


Inmates benefit from self-service access to forms as well as the ability to view the status of forms and grievances. They may also accept or appeal them. In an effort to increase and enhance customer service, Securus established a 220-seat in-house domestic call center across the country. This action gave Securus more control of its customer service, thus allowing the implementation of BBB required standards for accreditation. Under the BBB standards, an entity must comply with a set of values. They include trust, the truth, responsiveness, transparency, honor of promises, honesty, protection of privacy and integrity. It is my hope that the firm’s agents are fully qualified and are guided by the values discussed above. This way, they have contributed in giving the firm a customer satisfaction score of over 90%. In order to make its business a success, it has collaborated with local and county governments that operate the jails as well as state departments of correction.



How Securus Is Staying Ahead

There are many ways I stay ahead of the curve: getting a new phone, staying on top of trends, and doing my research. However, Securus has their own way of staying ahead of the curve, and man is it a genius way to stay ahead.

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to make sure customers stay on top of business is with an app.

I wasn’t sure what Securus was, until a friend of mine opened up about their family. The company makes visiting loved ones in jail easier. While they offer ways to make it easier to make an in-person visit, they also offer video visitation options. These video visitations can be much easier for some to make than in-person visitations. However, if the webcam you’re using has really bad resolution, it can be difficult to get a good visit.

Enter the new Securus app – which is called Securus Video Visitation. This app launched in February 2016, and has some pretty cool features. One such cool feature is that those who use a calendar on their mobile devices can sync that calendar with a simple push of a button on the app. This will put any video visitation dates and in-person visitation dates on the mobile calendar.

Another feature is that the app will allow the user to use their mobile device to make a video visitation. The app will turn cell signal into the mode of conversation for the visit.

With such amazing features, and more, it’s no surprise my friend downloaded this app.

Securus Technologies is not affiliated in any way with the Securus health supplement nor the website Securus America.